This directory contains stuff for running Linux on the IBM NetworkStation 1000

  • config
Configuration for the latest Linux 2.4.21 kernel that manty compiled, based on the 20030708 patch, features NFS root filesystem that can use any tweacked standard distribution. Uses framebuffer with the new S3 driver that Jochen wrote, wich gives us true color support, it also has audio support. If you need pcmcia you should add it to the config and recompile.
  • kernel.1000
Binary of the compiled Linux 2.4.21 kernel.
  • old
Old kernels using devfs, firmware setup FB, ...
  • redo
Script to configure a Debian Woody chroot for the NCs
  • sarge-really-basic.tbz
A basic Sarge chroot for PowerPC

NOTE: The dates of these files are not real, most of this stuff is from 2002, since then this site has not been really updated. We've had bad experiences with the old XFree86 servers when you export to them apps from a recent Debian (squeeze). We have solved that by upgrading our NCs to etch, which seems to work quite well.